To the hater

I don’t have to defend myself to you.  Even if you keep saying I am not qualified for the position I hold.  Even if you mock my past work experiences.  Even when you constantly disparage my character in public, never mind that I am within earshot.  Your insecurity brought you there.

But I won’t pass up the opportunity to nail you solid in that position.

If it wasn’t for my TV show stint, I would not have appreciated actual physical and mental hard work.  Because unlike you, I was cut in half by making 80 cups of coffee in different personal mugs with different sugar/cream requirements.  Unlike you, I was taught that if the utility boy cannot lift that 10k cable to the van for the next shoot location, you have to lift that.  Unlike you, I learned labor.  Actual hard labor.  And rose to the expectation of churning out literature before the 13-hour workday ends.  Unlike you.

Unlike you, I passed one of the country’s most prestigious management training programs.  Because unlike you, that company left their biases and prejudices at the door.  Unlike you, they chose to hone me as an individual who wishes to learn.  Unlike you, I am humble enough to admit I do not know it all.  Unlike you.

If it wasn’t for my religious beliefs, I would have not exerted the effort in understanding your constant need for praise and attention.  I would have recommended a psychiatrist to visit your home as you badly need one.  That on top of Diazepam and a concoction of hypnotics, because I think you just need to rest your mind from the rumors you’ve been spreading.

Thank God I believe in him enough to not worry about your effect on me.  Because you have no effect on me.  Because you do not matter to me.

Unlike me to you.

No More Bullshit

Happy thoughts for you and you and you!

I survived the first working week of 2013!  WOOOHOOO!  I think I am off to a good start.

Around this time, I usually share the resolutions I’ve made for the year, and also review what I have achieved for 2012.  I think this time, I’ll skip the heart-to-heart and perhaps just post my to do list for the year.  Besides, a to-do list is less dramatic than resolutions.

And I am vastly known for my drama skillz.

Anyway, I’m preparing now for a good weekend.  I’m hoping to meet up with a friend who’s about to leave for Phuket and stay there for a year.  This little lady has been my friend since childhood, so I’m looking forward to a good talk tonight.

I think it may be the last I see of her. :(

Fate must favor me so much this year because just when I was about to become so darn sad about her leaving, I chance upon this photo:

Happy thoughts

I just get so happy the longer I look at it!  Doesn’t this make your day too? :)

Someone please help me find the owner of this photo so I can credit him/her properly.  And thank him/her sufficiently for kicking off a good weekend.