Space hunter

Okay, it is no secret that I am in love with Scandinavian designers Alvhem.  Their designs that smartly maximizes space with an artsy flair never fail to tickle my fancy.  With so many changes coming in so fast (not that I’m complaining), I’ve been pretty much apartment hunting.

Or at least apartment style hunting.

Now, my default source is Freshome.  But lately, Goods Home Design has become quite an inspiration too.


I found this floor plan on Pinterest and it is quite functional don’t you think?


But all in all, Freshome will always be my Alvhem source.

What interested me in Goods Home Design was when they featured 3D floor plans by artists Dmitriy Schuka and Shako Gurgenidze.  Schuka puts more emphasis on recreation.  If I were to pursue yoga and him jiu jitsu more seriously, this design quite accommodating.

Dmitriy Schuka 1

I don’t really need a space to dry out skis, but a good place to disinfect gis and yoga mats are quite handy.

Personally though, I’m more of a Shako Gurgenidze fan.  The way he incorporated the great outdoors (or whatever would amount to an urban greenery) is much more compatible with how I envision our future to be.

Shako Gurgenidze 1 Shako Gurgenidze 2

Adorable right?

I am yet to find the architect and designer of this final floor plan I’m showing you, but this has to be the most appropriate for us both.  The small room can either be a cool down room or an office for me and the dining spaces are perfect for small group hosting.

Goods Home Design 1

Oh wow.  I just have apartments and housing in my head.  Haha.  The future holds a lot of promise, but if ever you decide to use any of these floor plans and designs for your remodeling, please do keep me posted.

Goods Home Design


This time last year…

We just celebrated Mothers’ Day and my mother’s birthday here in Las Pinas.  We put up the happy birthday banner with no intentions of taking it down.

The banner is still up.  This year, Marga took the liberty of adding “Happy Mothers’ Day” to it.

I was preparing for a Management Committee presentation about a big card project for a government institution.  I was very excited about my job, especially that I have my four boys with me.

My boys are down to three.

I was living in an apartment in Makati.

I moved back in last April.

I began to explore the limits and boundaries of my American Home steamer.

I can cook pretty much anything with it now, except pasta and rice.

My father was convincing me to come home but my job and schoolwork actually made it quite difficult for me to accept that commuting for over an hour can result in the same amount of rest as walking home for about 5 minutes.

I didn’t need convincing.


Everything was so different then.  So I am praying that the courage I need to reset and restart all the good and bad in my life doesn’t run out soon.  I still have a long way to go, but so far, I have been in great company, among the people who  have always loved me unconditionally, supporting me throughout the way.

Oh dear Lord.  Can I be any cheesier than this.  F\ck.


The 2012 Yearend Get Together

We usually have two get togethers:  one with the Arriolas on Christmas Day and with the Susis just before the end of the year.  Because I am still sorta indisposed, I only got to tweak the Susi side.  So I hope you don’t mind.  Hyuck.  Feeling close.  Hahahaha.

This year was extra fun because of Chuchi and her amusing age.  Turning two last November 30, she’s now exceptionally witty and kind of like Glee —  she naturally breaks into song.  And she’s starting to have favorites!!!  Grrrrr.  And I am only reacting negatively because I didn’t get the same smile as Dylan did.

Dylan and Machiko

It’s also Jared’s first get together with the family.  The poor kid was pretty much knocked out the entire night.  Nonetheless, he received the most gifts I think.

Jared Franco

Since the Antipolo house got renovated, the lanai took a really long time to be put together.  I think Tito Rod had too much thinking done that he didn’t know which element to put in first.  Hahahaha.  Finally, it was almost complete and we were greeted by a tree with two cutie pie elves.

Bianca and Machiko 1


Bianca is slowly turning Machiko into one of those kids that ought to be child stars.  But then again this comes from the point of view of a highly biased aunt.

For 2012, Bianca and Maylene were the gift givers.  Rather, gift distributors????  I’m just happy to pass the hat to the younger generation.  Marga and I did that till we’re 24…?  So it’s good that these girls are getting out of their S-H-Y phase and becoming more entertaining.  Family is after all the best audience to be around.

Bianca and Maylene

Let us also welcome the new nanny, Sherelyn!  She’s in everyone’s gift list too. :)


Year after year since they have graduated, my brothers have constantly gift-wrapped gifts from them to them!  I think it’s their subtle reminder for everyone to not forget to reward themselves after a long hard worked year.  I swear, they are not in any manner suffering from mental disorders.  They’re naturally… goofy.  And crazy.  And silly.  They were, for a time, Britney Spears and the Friendly Neighborhood Gay.  But you have to be there to get the joke.  Hahaha.

Brother Self Gift

Brothers Again!

Another big surprise was Bianca!  She gave out gifts that she bought with her own money!!!  I love this little girl.  Tita Pinky and Marga said she’s been cleaning rooms around the house and doing chores to save up for the holiday gift giving.  She even had envelopes for each person she will give a gift to, so that the money is distributed evenly.  Dylan and I got our own!  Yay!  Note the overexposure.  If I didn’t take the photo, no one will.  HAHAHA.

Santa Bianca

I think she’s planning on giving gifts to EVERYONE next year.  She’s so cute!!!!  And sweet.  Excerpt from our later conversation:

Me:  Wow, Bianca you must have saved so much money!  You’re so mayaman (rich)!
Bianca:  Eh, ngayon wala na lahat!  (Now the money is all gone!)

Witty girl. :)

Anyway, Rex (aka Brother 6) was not present in the evening because of work commitments.  So the Brotherhood had only one thing to say…


Jared was in a gift giving mood too!  Well… drooling gift giving mood.  Did I mention he farts like a grown man?  I am yet to hear him burp but according to Mommy Jaja, it’s worse than the fart.

Santa Jared

Machiko now gets excited for gifts!  This year’s over-enthusiasm was the complete opposite of last year’s non-reaction!  Look at that grin.  :)

Machiko is Happy

Unaware of tradition, she started to pick on the gift wrapper.  Marga told her to stop and wait for all the gifts to be distributed to everyone, so we can all open the presents at the same time.  Poor kid had to wait!  Dylan’s heart was almost broken and he kept bugging me to give a small gift that she can open.  But our Machiko proved to be in complete control of her EQ.  Hahahaha.  Look at that poker face!!!!

Machiko Pokerface

I bet she went out of her mind controlling the urge to open that present!

Of course if there’s the Brotherhood, there’s the Sisterhood also.  As the sole person who was not able to eat well during the holidays because of nausea, I am still the widest!  Good Lord, I hope to be skinny soon enough.  Dylan claims to like me just as I am but we can’t all be Bridget Jones right?  ;p


As early as September, my brothers and I have planned to give our parents a trip to Boracay.  This is how my brothers chose to assist me in handing over that gift.

Brothers Nude


But the highlight of the evening was not the Boracay trip, but Daniel’s gift.  You see, after a two-year wait, he finally got a job.  It’s not really the most stellar job, but it was a job.  Each time someone in the family gets a job, he/she immediately becomes another gift giver.  My brother saved up IMMENSELY from his minimum wage 9 to 5 to give everyone gifts.  THOUGHTFUL GIFTS.  And I am a proud sister!!!!

After years and years of trying to trump the previous one’s statement shirts, my brother got it right the first time:

The Reveal

Presenting…. the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood 1

They even got Dylan one!  Brother From Another Mother!  Look at that face, so touched!!!!  Hahahahaha.  My brother is so witty.  I never even thought of that.  Jared got his own too:  Brocessor.  :)

The Brotherhood 2

So… Brother 1 and Brother 6, your shirts are waiting.  Claim them already. :)

I don’t know if anyone else took photos; Marga shot videos with the iPad.  I kind of like that I’m the official photographer, but I need another one to team up with me!  I keep missing moments coz I’m too busy laughing and having fun with the cousins.

Then again, that’s a fantastic reason to not take a photo. :)

I am looking for more years like this to come, with the next one hopefully the NJ people can join in.  MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE.

Happy new year, everyone.  Don’t forget to start it right… whatever it is. :)

I found a pretty teapot

So yesterday, Marga and I were talking about Machiko Skye’s upcoming second birthday party.  She said, to be cute and girly about it, we should just host a tea party!  And I couldn’t agree with her more.

While walking around S&R, we were already taking mental notes which baked goods we’re planning to serve on that fateful day.  It actually got me soooo excited that I took out our trusty teapot!

Honestly, in all our years living in the south, I do not ever recall ever ever ever EVER taking out this pretty little thing for some tea.  It wasn’t until my father’s heart problems during the past couple of years did we start to explore the benefits of tea.

Isn’t she so pretty.  I bet Marga will go nuts about this teapot once she sees this.  And because I was in the mood, I cleaned up this lady and started brewing tea.

Yes, I convinced everyone to have tea today.  Hahahaha.  But it was a hot afternoon, so I took that into consideration as well.

And then when the tea was done, I poured them perfectly!

WHAT?!  How did that happen!?

Hahahahaha.  A good friend gave me his milk tea recipe in exchange for silence so this is me not talking about it.  I think this would match that tea party, don’t you?

Pretty little teapot. :)

P.S.:  We were all too lazy to retrieve the camera from the car so I took these photos using the phone.  Excuse the grain! :)


It’s raining cats and dogs here in Cebu, and while I wait for my next client call, I strutted my stuff over to Pinterest.  It’s probably my major source of quick relief, so when the office blocked the website from our computers, I have to admit I died a little bit inside.

We could all use an escape nowadays.

I just love reading nooks.  That’s probably because I never really had one when I was younger.  Looking at reading nooks make me realize so many stories missed during my childhood, only because I didn’t have a silent space to think about things.  I fell in love with a lot of reading nooks a while back, but this is the latest one:

And maybe I would have avoided wearing these glasses had I thought of better lighting for my bed.  I will definitely find a way to squeeze something like this in my dream home.

I don’t know.  I’ve always thought I will go for a minimalist feel, but judging the pins I’ve been liking for the past 15 minutes, I guess home to me looks rustic.  Who wouldn’t love this office space?  It’s just so dreamy.

Enough dreaming for now.  I can hear the driver honking.  I hope he brought an umbrella this time.