REVIEW: Mayohan – Lovingly haunting, memorable to say the least

Some time ago, a good friend invited us to an indie film fest and I saw one of the best films I’ve seen after a long time.

I clearly recall Mayohan and the laughs and tears I shared with the company I was with at the time.  It was worth the trip, the trouble, the everything.  I wish I can find the director or the crew and just ask for a DVD copy of that film, just so I have a permanent marker of what I had experienced.

And of course, the music.

I honestly believe this music will be included in one of those big events in my life moments.  And I am so grateful to have a ton of those still ahead of me.


REVIEW: Like Crazy (2011)

Do you remember my post a few weeks back when I was still so energized to constantly update as I am now feeling quite disheartened with my lack of specialized writing skills when I posted all about the gory bits?  That came from 2011’s Before Sunrise/Before Sunset film, Like Crazy.

Like Crazy stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as Jacob and Anna, who fell in love in college.  Anna, staying in the US on a student visa, impulsively decided to spend the summer with this hot new passionate exciting love and only went back to the UK for a family event.


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