If the world were 100

Most infographics that I post are about fitness as I constantly struggle to make running a regular thing for me.

But I chanced upon this infographic on Pinterest and I knew I can’t unnotice it.

Inhale, then spread the knowledge.
20130815-130407.jpg Now doesn’t that give you a strong urge to be more grateful and make a bigger impact to the world?

Your Running Guide

Okay, so since I’m all about revamping myself starting this week, I might as well post this infographic.

What is an inforgraphic?  Hahaha.  It’s basically a photo of all the facts, tidbits, news and what nots about a particular topic.  If you have drawn a sketch of how to get to your house from the freeway, yeah, you’ve done an infographic.

But I’m not about to show you how to get to  my house.  I’ve been browsing the new categories at Pinterest recently and I stumbled upon this running infographic.  It’s the most helpful one I’ve seen so far!

I don’t know about you, but really this will be my guide in the coming weeks as I reintroduce running into my lifestyle.

This is serious, you guys.  I really need to change how the public sees me.  Really.