It’s raining cats and dogs here in Cebu, and while I wait for my next client call, I strutted my stuff over to Pinterest.  It’s probably my major source of quick relief, so when the office blocked the website from our computers, I have to admit I died a little bit inside.

We could all use an escape nowadays.

I just love reading nooks.  That’s probably because I never really had one when I was younger.  Looking at reading nooks make me realize so many stories missed during my childhood, only because I didn’t have a silent space to think about things.  I fell in love with a lot of reading nooks a while back, but this is the latest one:

And maybe I would have avoided wearing these glasses had I thought of better lighting for my bed.  I will definitely find a way to squeeze something like this in my dream home.

I don’t know.  I’ve always thought I will go for a minimalist feel, but judging the pins I’ve been liking for the past 15 minutes, I guess home to me looks rustic.  Who wouldn’t love this office space?  It’s just so dreamy.

Enough dreaming for now.  I can hear the driver honking.  I hope he brought an umbrella this time.


The lovely barn door

I’ve been seeing a lot of interior decor that involves the barn door.  I haven’t really completely appreciated the barn door yet, but somehow, when refurbished, it can easily be the missing piece of the room, if not the highlight of it.

It first caught my attention when it was used as the doorway to the bathroom.

Naturally, I find the used barn door more charming.  But these modern twists are not that bad at all.  It is a perfect separation for two spaces.

I love the fact that it cleanly divides working space from living space!

But I think I fell in love when it was used in contrasts and almost blending in to everything in the room.  

I fell in love with barn doors.  Yeah.  My house will have one.  Definitely.