For the love of postcards

Do you still believe in postcards?

I ask this question now because as of late, I’ve been travelling a lot.  As of late, my niece Machiko Skye has been learning to write.  With a command of language and comprehension beyond her years, she never fails to ask for a postcard whenever she would hear about my departures.

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

My Paris trip definitely amped up my creativity.  The City of Lights were not short of picturesque postcards.  I immediately sent her a couple, and if it weren’t for the faulty postal service in the Philippines, it would have arrived before I came home.

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

During my NJ visit, Machiko wrote letters for her cousins.

Machiko Skye New Jersey Postcards Letters

The NJ kids enjoyed it so much, we actually had a letter writing day just so they can reply to her!  And she was more than happy to read them!

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

The advent of technology is phasing out the relevance of stamps and mail couriers, but there really is no better way of practicing handwriting, communication and interpersonal skills more than letter writing.  I’m very blessed to have so many of my family still in love with old school pen and paper.  Even the little Jared Franco.

Source:  Instagram - @jannicasusi

Source: Instagram – @jannicasusi

So… do you still believe in postcards?

Dear Jared

I remember it was exactly a year ago when I first met you.  Oh you were perfect right off the bat.  You were then named Boy Jorge Susi, and in my head, that’s not a bad name for a baby.  Hahaha.

You turn one today, and all I can remember is my emotional state exactly a year ago.  It was in complete disarray.  I remember the misery I was in, how neglected and ignored I felt.  I was so alone when I went to visit you right after work.

I swear, you stilled my heart.  I was panicked and you calmed me down.  I remember carrying you and you did not even budge.  My hurt and my pains went away almost instantaneously.

And I am only your Tita!  Can you imagine the joy and the peace you’ve brought into your parents’ lives?  You’re only the second person I know to have done that, the first one being your Ate Max.

Be kind, always and all the time.  I am extra emotional with your birthday because you remind me of the long way I have come.

And oh, my Jared, it is such a long way.

I wish your Lolo Boy was here.  I bet he would give anything to be here.

Happy birthday.