Dear Jared

I remember it was exactly a year ago when I first met you.  Oh you were perfect right off the bat.  You were then named Boy Jorge Susi, and in my head, that’s not a bad name for a baby.  Hahaha.

You turn one today, and all I can remember is my emotional state exactly a year ago.  It was in complete disarray.  I remember the misery I was in, how neglected and ignored I felt.  I was so alone when I went to visit you right after work.

I swear, you stilled my heart.  I was panicked and you calmed me down.  I remember carrying you and you did not even budge.  My hurt and my pains went away almost instantaneously.

And I am only your Tita!  Can you imagine the joy and the peace you’ve brought into your parents’ lives?  You’re only the second person I know to have done that, the first one being your Ate Max.

Be kind, always and all the time.  I am extra emotional with your birthday because you remind me of the long way I have come.

And oh, my Jared, it is such a long way.

I wish your Lolo Boy was here.  I bet he would give anything to be here.

Happy birthday.



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