I found a pretty teapot

So yesterday, Marga and I were talking about Machiko Skye’s upcoming second birthday party.  She said, to be cute and girly about it, we should just host a tea party!  And I couldn’t agree with her more.

While walking around S&R, we were already taking mental notes which baked goods we’re planning to serve on that fateful day.  It actually got me soooo excited that I took out our trusty teapot!

Honestly, in all our years living in the south, I do not ever recall ever ever ever EVER taking out this pretty little thing for some tea.  It wasn’t until my father’s heart problems during the past couple of years did we start to explore the benefits of tea.

Isn’t she so pretty.  I bet Marga will go nuts about this teapot once she sees this.  And because I was in the mood, I cleaned up this lady and started brewing tea.

Yes, I convinced everyone to have tea today.  Hahahaha.  But it was a hot afternoon, so I took that into consideration as well.

And then when the tea was done, I poured them perfectly!

WHAT?!  How did that happen!?

Hahahahaha.  A good friend gave me his milk tea recipe in exchange for silence so this is me not talking about it.  I think this would match that tea party, don’t you?

Pretty little teapot. :)

P.S.:  We were all too lazy to retrieve the camera from the car so I took these photos using the phone.  Excuse the grain! :)

Your Running Guide

Okay, so since I’m all about revamping myself starting this week, I might as well post this infographic.

What is an inforgraphic?  Hahaha.  It’s basically a photo of all the facts, tidbits, news and what nots about a particular topic.  If you have drawn a sketch of how to get to your house from the freeway, yeah, you’ve done an infographic.

But I’m not about to show you how to get to  my house.  I’ve been browsing the new categories at Pinterest recently and I stumbled upon this running infographic.  It’s the most helpful one I’ve seen so far!

I don’t know about you, but really this will be my guide in the coming weeks as I reintroduce running into my lifestyle.

This is serious, you guys.  I really need to change how the public sees me.  Really.