MUSIC MONDAY: My Heart Is Open by Maroon 5 feat. Gwen Stefani

It’s been a while since I last admired a duet.  The last time I was this enthralled by a duet was Broken Strings.

20151019 My Heart is Open

The song also came at a time when I was having a difficult time dealing with the separation.  It has been over two years since Le Beau and I got back together, and even though we rock this whole long distance thing — I actually believe we’re the perfect model, modesty aside — there are still days when every single aspect of my individuality is vividly aware of how far he is from me.

It is also of no help that the weather is gloomy and cool, and the bed can only be so warm.  My bed needs another person on it.

I don’t need time to find another lover but I want you

Ah, the final stretch.  76 days to go.



Good morning, Manila

So I haven’t written for quite some time and it’s a surprise because I don’t even seem to miss it.  What I do miss is listening to music.

A very good friend of mine has been my constant supply of cheesy 80s music.  I can’t recall the last time I went to a live show.  Now that I have all this time to do it, maybe I should just go out there and visit these places again.

Route 196, 70s Bistro, Saguijo to name a few.  I should start visiting these places again — and more — just so I can reacquaint myself with the music I’ve easily fallen in love with.

But for now, this cover will do:


If you know me well enough, I don’t really appreciate covers.  There was a time here in the Philippines when people became platinum artists just by singing a cover of someone else’s song.  I think it just lacks originality, and they’re mooching off the originals.

But yeah, I can’t deny that this caught my attention.  It’s a good rendition!

Another thing that I won’t deny is regretting not buying Maroon 5 concert tickets sooner.  I don’t know why I procrastinated!  I’m the woman in the relationship; I should be handling this!  Hahahaha.

Photo from

The last couple of long weekends got me reminiscing through YouTube and although this isn’t really a good classic song, it’s very catchy and upbeat.

And it got stuck in my head.

Sungha Jung never fails to give justice to a song.

Do not lie to me.  Tell me you sang to that too!