If you know me well enough, I don’t really appreciate covers.  There was a time here in the Philippines when people became platinum artists just by singing a cover of someone else’s song.  I think it just lacks originality, and they’re mooching off the originals.

But yeah, I can’t deny that this caught my attention.  It’s a good rendition!

Another thing that I won’t deny is regretting not buying Maroon 5 concert tickets sooner.  I don’t know why I procrastinated!  I’m the woman in the relationship; I should be handling this!  Hahahaha.

Photo from

The last couple of long weekends got me reminiscing through YouTube and although this isn’t really a good classic song, it’s very catchy and upbeat.

And it got stuck in my head.

Sungha Jung never fails to give justice to a song.

Do not lie to me.  Tell me you sang to that too!


Lemme know what you think.

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