Oh, be mine, apartment.

I believe Freshome gave it to me good again.

The Scandinavian design genius Alvhem Makleri & Interior has done it again, tastefully putting together chic functionality in this small apartment in Gothenburg. 


You would think that the amount of white space in this apartment would render it cold and unbecoming, but there’s a certain hint of home to it.


The overall look reminds me of a start up couple, two people finding the perfect balance in each other, as it throws the mix of urban chic and nostalgia.


I love that it opens to a kitchen and a simple foyer.  I mean, you should see the kitchen.  I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THE KITCHEN!?  Hahaha.  I’ve always wanted a big one, but this compact cube is just too adorable to pass up.


The bedroom and the bathroom also speaks of functionality.  I am of course hesitant given the limited closet space.  I think I might need a storage closet somewhere just to stash my things.

Bathroom4 Bedroom2 Bedroom-White

I certainly hope each apartment comes with a view because this is one cozy reading nook.

Bedroom-Details View1

Ever since I’ve moved out, I’ve been missing my personal space a lot.  So visiting Freshome for these design ideas keeps my heart warm at night.

Did you or did you just fall in love with this apartment too? :)

All photos from Freshome.


Be a traveler

Given the number of misfortunes I seem to be in constant contact with this year, I’ve long decided to start communing with nature and just pick myself up.  It has been a while since I last did that, so I’m quite scared and excited at the same time.

My first photography class will start on Monday!  Yay!  I signed up for Photoworld Manila’s Basic Photography Classes in AIM Makati.  I’m quite psyched.  I’ve been planning for so long to take these classes.  Now that I am armed with this baby, I don’t see why I should even delay these!


I don’t know why I waited so long to make this purchase when I know for a fact I always have wanted this.

I now regret all the money spent on clothes and shoes that look the same.

What I’m mostly excited about is traveling.  I’ve already made some arrangements — solo and with a group — and I hope by the time I’m about to leave, I’m ready to take blog-worthy photos.

In the meantime, I have Instagram as my creative outlet.  My photoblog is running on empty.  I hope you’ll all be around still when I start snapping away again.

To end this post, I leave you with a takeaway from Laws of A Modern Woman (I like to pretend I abide by them):


Have a great weekend everyone.  Don’t forget to mend your heart.

What I did today

A long time has passed since my last meaningful post in my own space so I figured, it’s about time for me to write again.  And this time, I won’t get bored with myself halfway.  Hahaha.

This week proved to be a horrid week.  Let me count the ways.

  1. My 1TB external hard drive started making clicking noises one afternoon and ultimately stopped functioning, successfully reformatting itself and obliterating 8-9 years of my everything — photos, music, videos, writings on the wall.
  2. Number 1 happened approximately five (5) days after my other external hard drive, this time 500GB, also went kaput.
  3. I was supposed to enroll for grad school this Thursday but everyone decided to book their meetings on that day.  I delayed enrollment since Thursday is just Day 1.  I went to school Friday, Day 2, and all the subjects I am allowed to take are full.  School was supposed to be the highlight of my 2013.
  4. Operations audit started this week and we’ve been in constant contact with Internal Audit for the documentation review.  A lot of our processes are undergoing revision, but because #1 and #2 happened…. yeah, they’ll have to make do with the unrevised versions.
  5. Emotional turmoil.  To say the least.

To sum up, this week was…


But today, I decided to turn it all around.  Today, this is what I did.

  1. Called up a camera shop and reserved a Canon 600D to be picked up tonight
  2. Signed up for evening refresher classes in photography somewhere in Makati
  3. Enrolled in a couple more classes that will start in June and July at Coursera
  4. Set aside a good amount for a July trip to nowhere
  5. Started writing.  Again.

This year has not really been a field of dreams for me, and the fact that I am missing this term… it’s almost a nail to the coffin of a godawful year.  But a good friend — a very very very good friend — has constantly reminded me that everything happens for a reason.

And there will always be a way to turn it all around.

And that’s what I am doing now.

I hope, whoever is reading, you are having a great year.  But just in case you are in the same rut as I am (and I am hoping your rut is not worse than mine), let’s turn it around together then.




If you know me well enough, I don’t really appreciate covers.  There was a time here in the Philippines when people became platinum artists just by singing a cover of someone else’s song.  I think it just lacks originality, and they’re mooching off the originals.

But yeah, I can’t deny that this caught my attention.  It’s a good rendition!

Another thing that I won’t deny is regretting not buying Maroon 5 concert tickets sooner.  I don’t know why I procrastinated!  I’m the woman in the relationship; I should be handling this!  Hahahaha.

Photo from Userserve-AK.last.fm

The last couple of long weekends got me reminiscing through YouTube and although this isn’t really a good classic song, it’s very catchy and upbeat.

And it got stuck in my head.

Sungha Jung never fails to give justice to a song.

Do not lie to me.  Tell me you sang to that too!