Pen and paper love

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I love posting written notes on this blog.  Something just feels so personal and emotional about it, and most of the time, they fit my mood! :)

Anyway, my cousin works for Telus now and my best friend/sister/cousin/blehehehehe Marga has rekindled her love for calligraphy.  Check out her work!


I’m pretty sure if she had a scanner at her disposal, these works would be better translated online. :)  For the meantime, she snaps her works and posts them on her Instagram.  Follow her and you get the privilege of viewing the most adorable baby alive. 

And because of what she’s doing, it kind of inspired me to make some of my own.  I have these words in my head and maybe some of my readers think it too, and it wouldn’t really hurt right?  I mean, it’s words and they’re mine.  Unless a plagiarizing senator encounters them on my blog, I have nothing to worry about right?

(Except of course, my potty mouth and my need to constantly associate triumph and failure with profanity, including motivations and other what nots will easily be in full view of my conservative family.  Bah, what the heck.  Imma fuckin’ do it anyway.)

And that, in turn, gave me reasons to buy new pens and blank sheets of paper.

And kids, THAT is how you create reasons to shop.

That’s all.  :)


Lemme know what you think.

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