Turning to Adidas

I am a Nike whore.  Really.  I don’t remember ever buying a pair of running shoes from anywhere else but Nike.  Ever since I started running, it has always been Nike.

My mother and I shopped the entire weekend.  Because of the big sale in the south, I just had to save a little on running shoes.  After all, it is a period of austerity, at least for me.  With upcoming school and paying for it myself, I want to save what I can, so I was counting on the sale to save a few thousands.

True enough, the sale was worth it.  The downside?  Nike ran out of everything under women’s running.  My heart stopped.  I immediately called Dylan in a panic, and he was quick to quip, “Get an Adidas.”

For me, the statement sounded like, “YEAH I SAID IT.”  But I had no other choice.  My two runners are just in a sorry state.  I don’t have that much cash on me.  I need to start training for a long distance run for early next year.  I need those shoes.

So I went over to Adidas and started browsing.  To be fair, the selection looks good.  I wasn’t able to take photos because the place was just chaotic.  Then I noticed something:  women’s running have like three designs left.  I looked at the soles of each design and the two had a dreadful statement taped to it:  LAST PAIR.

I turned over the funkiest looking one.  And it was marked with this:  6.5 (1), 7(2)(1), 9(1).  I know those numbers.  Those are sizes and available stocks.  I am a 7.  I have to get that 7.

And so I did.  Funky yes?

So tomorrow (if not later), I’ll let you know how it feels running in these.  Adidas is endorsed by Katy Perry, and I really like her.  So she can’t be that wrong right?

It still feels weird seeing stripes.

Oh by the way, I got this for 10% off and because I shopped so much, I got an additional 5% rebate.  Sale shopping is nice.


2 thoughts on “Turning to Adidas

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