Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing.


Falling into a schedule

CAN I JUST GET A QUICK SHOUTOUT?  This school term is finally over!

In that light, Le Beau has been bugging me to come up with a workout schedule while I’m on my five-week break.  I cannot disagree with that; my body has gone through so much that to call it in a fit of disarray and bleh is an understatement.

So here’s what I think.  Running Mondays, Yoga Tuesdays, Biking Saturdays.  Sounds good right?  All the other tasks that I have to accomplish within the week, work-wise and otherwise, I now have time for.  My only concern is, my class schedule for the next term is Tuesdays and Thursdays, so yoga has to fit elsewhere.


Are you following me on Pinterest yet?  Hahaha.  Not that I have so many interesting posts there, but I just created a new board, basically prepping my head for how I would look like when I start working out.  HAHAHAHA.  I know that’s a big joke, but I can’t help it sometimes.  Even though I am so sure I do not have enough money to create a whole new fitness wardrobe, that shouldn’t really stop me from dreaming of having one.

Imagine my joy, though, when I saw these Flyknits:


I’m pretty sure Le Beau is going to argue that I don’t really need new sneakers, especially when I’ve barely used the neon green ones my cousin gave me, but look at it!  It’s so pretty.

Enough gushing now.  It’s quite a big day today, and someone will not stop nagging until that someone is satisfied.  Before my good mood is ruined, must sign off.

Have a great day. :)

Catching up to you

So the week has been tumultuous to say the least and I desperately tried my best to compensate for the stress brought about the usual high productivity demand from work.  Eh.  Lately, I’ve been having a hard time dealing with people.  My fuse has been short, I’ve been quite impatient, snapping at everyone and it’s not even my time of the month yet.


I have my photography classes to look forward to!  Instead of the evening sessions at AIM, my instructors Ador and Rey both suggested I take the full blown course every Saturday at Intramuros.  My enthusiasm deserves much more hours than a crash course.  Actually that’s just me, but yeah I’m pretty good at deduction.  Haha.

If you’re still not following me on Instagram, please do!  Hahahaha.  That’s a shameless plug right there!  I do my best to be as interesting as possible, and soon enough, when I start shooting more pieces, I’ll have them up there too.  No filter of course.

On a less self-indulgent note, given how emotionally taxing the year has been, I’ve been keeping myself sane and well by running and reading.  It’s not really your usual combination, but with the Adidas King Of The Road just around the corner, I’ve decided to put more effort into it.

AKA training harder and eating righter.  If there’s such a word.


Looking at my running shoes, I also have to start acknowledging the fact that I need new ones.  Hahaha.  Currently, I am drooling over these babies.


And by babies, I mean all of them.  I have always been a Nike girl (though I do love my Adidas trainers) and the Flyknit Lunar1+ has got me itching and salivating and craving.

Rain started to pour quite evenly here in the Philippines, and I remember running in the rain during a Milo marathon.  It wasn’t my best time but it was the best run I’ve had.

Can’t wait to run in the rain again.

Anyway, I’m off to shower and prepare for my class.  I’m hoping I get to blow their socks off and make them see that I am the best student they will ever EVER EVERRRRRRR have.

Yeah that sounds like a manageable expectation for me.  Hahaha.

Turning to Adidas

I am a Nike whore.  Really.  I don’t remember ever buying a pair of running shoes from anywhere else but Nike.  Ever since I started running, it has always been Nike.

My mother and I shopped the entire weekend.  Because of the big sale in the south, I just had to save a little on running shoes.  After all, it is a period of austerity, at least for me.  With upcoming school and paying for it myself, I want to save what I can, so I was counting on the sale to save a few thousands.

True enough, the sale was worth it.  The downside?  Nike ran out of everything under women’s running.  My heart stopped.  I immediately called Dylan in a panic, and he was quick to quip, “Get an Adidas.”

For me, the statement sounded like, “YEAH I SAID IT.”  But I had no other choice.  My two runners are just in a sorry state.  I don’t have that much cash on me.  I need to start training for a long distance run for early next year.  I need those shoes.

So I went over to Adidas and started browsing.  To be fair, the selection looks good.  I wasn’t able to take photos because the place was just chaotic.  Then I noticed something:  women’s running have like three designs left.  I looked at the soles of each design and the two had a dreadful statement taped to it:  LAST PAIR.

I turned over the funkiest looking one.  And it was marked with this:  6.5 (1), 7(2)(1), 9(1).  I know those numbers.  Those are sizes and available stocks.  I am a 7.  I have to get that 7.

And so I did.  Funky yes?

So tomorrow (if not later), I’ll let you know how it feels running in these.  Adidas is endorsed by Katy Perry, and I really like her.  So she can’t be that wrong right?

It still feels weird seeing stripes.

Oh by the way, I got this for 10% off and because I shopped so much, I got an additional 5% rebate.  Sale shopping is nice.

Early morning surprise

I came home pretty late last night (more on why later).  I think I came through the door at exactly 12:42 AM today, and it was nice to come in not alone.  Dylan took me home.  I was half-expecting him to spend the night, but he can’t really leave his ladies in QC now can he? :)

So I was hurrying because he had to leave soon.  QC is a long commute from Las Pinas.  I got him his water while he freshened up in the bathroom, and I quickly went in my room to take off my shoes, grab my slippers and tie my hair in a bun.  The house was surprisingly warm in spite of the time.  I noticed this little orange package in the corner, but did not mind it until Dylan left.

I became quite giddy when I took out that package.

When I opened it, I was squealing a little.

By now, I’ve already started my boogie dance.

I know right!  I was just complaining how I never get to run anymore and now, my mother just gave me another reason to!  Apart from health reasons of course. ;p

We gotta break this baby in!!!!

Fantastic way to start a Friday!  After my dose of Chuchi, I am definitely hitting the pavement with these.  :)