Falling into a schedule

CAN I JUST GET A QUICK SHOUTOUT?  This school term is finally over!

In that light, Le Beau has been bugging me to come up with a workout schedule while I’m on my five-week break.  I cannot disagree with that; my body has gone through so much that to call it in a fit of disarray and bleh is an understatement.

So here’s what I think.  Running Mondays, Yoga Tuesdays, Biking Saturdays.  Sounds good right?  All the other tasks that I have to accomplish within the week, work-wise and otherwise, I now have time for.  My only concern is, my class schedule for the next term is Tuesdays and Thursdays, so yoga has to fit elsewhere.


Are you following me on Pinterest yet?  Hahaha.  Not that I have so many interesting posts there, but I just created a new board, basically prepping my head for how I would look like when I start working out.  HAHAHAHA.  I know that’s a big joke, but I can’t help it sometimes.  Even though I am so sure I do not have enough money to create a whole new fitness wardrobe, that shouldn’t really stop me from dreaming of having one.

Imagine my joy, though, when I saw these Flyknits:


I’m pretty sure Le Beau is going to argue that I don’t really need new sneakers, especially when I’ve barely used the neon green ones my cousin gave me, but look at it!  It’s so pretty.

Enough gushing now.  It’s quite a big day today, and someone will not stop nagging until that someone is satisfied.  Before my good mood is ruined, must sign off.

Have a great day. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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