Early morning surprise

I came home pretty late last night (more on why later).  I think I came through the door at exactly 12:42 AM today, and it was nice to come in not alone.  Dylan took me home.  I was half-expecting him to spend the night, but he can’t really leave his ladies in QC now can he? :)

So I was hurrying because he had to leave soon.  QC is a long commute from Las Pinas.  I got him his water while he freshened up in the bathroom, and I quickly went in my room to take off my shoes, grab my slippers and tie my hair in a bun.  The house was surprisingly warm in spite of the time.  I noticed this little orange package in the corner, but did not mind it until Dylan left.

I became quite giddy when I took out that package.

When I opened it, I was squealing a little.

By now, I’ve already started my boogie dance.

I know right!  I was just complaining how I never get to run anymore and now, my mother just gave me another reason to!  Apart from health reasons of course. ;p

We gotta break this baby in!!!!

Fantastic way to start a Friday!  After my dose of Chuchi, I am definitely hitting the pavement with these.  :)


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