Bianca’s second recital with Maylene the dalaga

The title is supposed to be something far wittier than that, but I couldn’t think of anything else!  I see these little girls almost every other weekend but it wasn’t until I saw these photos did I realize how much they’ve grown.

Bianca is enrolled at Lyric Music Studio and she studies the piano.  If I’m not mistaken, this is her second recital.  It was held at the Filipinas Heritage Library along Makati Avenue.  So right after the long workweek, I walked my ass over there to at least catch the tail end of it.

When I got there, Bianca and  Maylene were already doing the art that Marga and I hav perfected:  camwhoring.  Hahahahaha.

I caught her in the middle of a serious instruction: "Ate May take my photo with the guitar! Dali!" Hahahaha. I love my cousins and their jologs moments. :)


The venue was quite cramped to be honest, especially with all the instruments in it (read: grand piano in baby library).

Bianca with her most loyal fans. I believe Lola Mommy is about to spearhead a nationwide fan club for her.

Can you believe how fast time flies?!

Of course, the pro had to show how bathroom photos are taken. Just forgot to wipe the mirror though, so I had an accidental mole on the cheek. Hahahaha.


Filipinas Heritage Library is hidden behind this fantastic landscape. So yes, another photo there too.


Good job, Bianca on your recital!  I am looking forward to hearing your version of Canon in D. :)



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