Wave goodbye, Kai.

When Kimi mentioned that Kai  needs a far cooler weather than Manila weather, I thought she’s investing in air-conditioning.  Hahahaha.  I totally completely blacked out the fact that she can raise Kai in the summer capital of the country.

It’s sad that I was not able to visit as often as I should have.  This kid is going to be Chuchi’s best friend, in spite of the distance.  So in order to strengthen that bond, we squeezed them both in Kai’s crib.

I have to say it is the funnest photo op I’ve had.  Hahahaha.

Chuchi: "Let's hold hands for the photo." Kai: "WHYYYYYY?"

Chuchi: "Smile for the photo." Kai: "I am smiling."


Kai: "You did NOT smile." Chuchi: "I'm smiling NOW."

Chuchi: "There's something on your nail." Kai: "I'm doing VOGUE."

Chuchi: "Let's share a secret." Kai: "I loooooooove secrets."

Chuchi: "I loooove hair." Kai: "I know. I can feel it."


I am sooooo going to miss this pairing. :)

Wave goodbye, Kai!  We are now looking for an excuse to file an emergency LOA to get to Baguio and ride horses with you and pick strawberries and go ukay. :)



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