MUSIC MONDAY: Save the World by Swedish House Mafia

I fell in love with this song when I was on my way home, tired and spent from work and school.  Traffic was everywhere and the heat was (then) on.  It almost sounded like a call for you to still rise in spite of the odds.

20150713 Swedish House Mafia - Save the World

Only that at that moment, the odds were your daily routine.  All of it can become so burdensome, you forget the purpose behind what you’re doing.  We wake up, have breakfast, endure the commute, 9 to 5, then commute (worse than the morning), arrive home, heat up leftovers, go to sleep.  It’s can be an endless cycle.

But you work to provide for your family, because you have bills to pay at the end of the month, because you want to help your parents out, because you want to get that promotion…

Because your company needs you, because you want to progress, because your country needs your service.

Then I heard this song and I remembered there are more people out there whose days are just about to start, whose hours are longer than mine.  Most of them are forgotten or not even acknowledged.  But they wake up, eat, commute and work their own version of 9 to 5, running the lights and the sounds at night, sharing the same goals and dreams that we have.

So yeah.  Who’s gonna save the world tonight then?

Must be these adorable dogs. <3

Strength comes from the most unusual places

I remember laying across chairs during my father’s wake.  Machiko Skye saw me from afar and trotted down to me, while holding a small pack of Skyflakes, one of her favorite snacks.

Fondly, she asked, “Tita Carla, may I sit here?”  For a two-year-old, her speech is close to impeccable.

“Sure, Machiko,” I replied.

So she sat by my head while I curled up tighter to fit in just two chairs.  She was eating silently, taking quick glances at me.

And then she started to stroke the top of my head, slowly and gently, and started singing:

Don’t you worry
Don’t you worry, child
See, heaven’s got a plan for you

She said, “I don’t know the other words, Tita.”

I don’t think I needed to hear more.

Tomorrow, it will be two months.  I will never get used to this.