Machiko Skye

It’s always a surprise, growing up.

You are by far the best surprise we’ve ever had.  You see, she is my first love.  She’s stronger than how she often portrays herself, and I think it came as a surprise to her too, when you came into this world and she was braver.

I may be her first love, but you are her last.  That I am sure of.

I know I haven’t really been as around as I wanted to be, but your growth never fails to surprise me.  You’re a happy kid.  And you’re full of laughter.  You have no idea how much you changed her life.  I believe you made her a better person.

And that, my dear Chuchi, is a gift no one else can give to her.

I am happy you have found your tongue and are now exploring your feet.  You will be a shoe-aholic, like me.  That’s my gift to you.  I cannot wait for the day we can shop shoes together.  I hope when that day comes, you will no longer find joy in sucking on your toe. :)  I love you!


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