TALK TUESDAY: Machiko Skye

It’s not the first time for Machiko to be featured on this blog.  I think she’s been here for the most part, and that girl has been my source of joy in my darkest of times.  Honestly, the day her momma Marga and I found out she was coming was the day we knew we were adults.

Max and Marga, way back then

Max, as we call her, is one of those kids that are just smart.  It was a conscious effort to raise her without too much dependence on technology, so it won’t be a surprise if her first memory is reading a book.  Her life is filled with building blocks, Dr. Seuss, postcards and stamps, arts and crafts, and thankfully, she hasn’t gotten tired of it yet.

My most vivid memory of Max was when Marga left the laptop in their room.  The tablet was also there, and my phone just sitting idly by.  I think she was just four years old then.  Her screen time is never that much (until recently), so you would think being deprived of something would make her a little too enthusiastic once she sees a bounty of options at her disposal.

But that’s not Max.  She walked past the screens, grabbed a book from the shelf under the table, and sat beside the laptop as she turned the pages of her read.  Her brow furrowed, her lips pursed, she looked like an adult carefully digesting every word to All The Places You Can Go.

Some people have said that Max might be missing out on a lot of things because of the limited interaction with technology.  Maybe, but she never appeared to be.  I think it’s because she’s never had it, that’s why in her head, there’s no use missing it.  Marga has started increasing her technological consumption when she started in big school.  When kids start big school, they immediately grow faster.  In my opinion of course.

We still exchange letters and postcards.  She even challenges me to find newer stamps to use.  Her handwriting has improved a lot, and now, her letters sound more like journal entries.  Max, I think, was born with an old soul, a soul so seasoned that her song for our wedding was the Beatles’ Here, There, Everywhere.  A soul that refuses to accept my name change just because I’m married.  A soul that still gets excited over phone calls.  A soul that matches mine.

And Marga knows it too.


For the love of postcards

Do you still believe in postcards?

I ask this question now because as of late, I’ve been travelling a lot.  As of late, my niece Machiko Skye has been learning to write.  With a command of language and comprehension beyond her years, she never fails to ask for a postcard whenever she would hear about my departures.

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

My Paris trip definitely amped up my creativity.  The City of Lights were not short of picturesque postcards.  I immediately sent her a couple, and if it weren’t for the faulty postal service in the Philippines, it would have arrived before I came home.

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

During my NJ visit, Machiko wrote letters for her cousins.

Machiko Skye New Jersey Postcards Letters

The NJ kids enjoyed it so much, we actually had a letter writing day just so they can reply to her!  And she was more than happy to read them!

Source:  Instagram - @margoks

Source: Instagram – @margoks

The advent of technology is phasing out the relevance of stamps and mail couriers, but there really is no better way of practicing handwriting, communication and interpersonal skills more than letter writing.  I’m very blessed to have so many of my family still in love with old school pen and paper.  Even the little Jared Franco.

Source:  Instagram - @jannicasusi

Source: Instagram – @jannicasusi

So… do you still believe in postcards?

Machiko and A Small Patch of Grass

I don’t know when was the last time we visited him.  It was that long.  It almost felt like we’re being irresponsible or worse, forgetful.  But Bianca was insistent that day to visit Lolo, rain or shine.

For a while, the sun was really out.  It was high, and hot, and everything was drier than paper.  We waited for the sun to be less angry, but it was soon blanketed with dark clouds.  On our way there, it started raining, and hearts were slowly feeling defeated.  To be honest, it almost felt like Lolo has been harboring hard feeling for us because we took too long to visit him again.

But then, it always rains when it’s about him.

On his funeral, it rained.  After two years of regular visiting, it started raining each time we planned to go.  Bianca proved to be the smartest of us all when she said Lolo is just testing us if we’ll still go in spite of the rain.  So we went.

And our littlest lady finally got her feet slightly damp by the small patch of grass covering the most loving man we’ve ever met.


In spite of the legs in that corner, I think this is a fantastic introductory photo.

Chuchi the Jumping Machine

My adorable niece has discovered the joy of jumping.  :)

This was taken during our Holy Week vacation in Baguio, which was also in time for Kai’s first birthday celebration.  While waiting for the rain to subside, Chuchi saw this trampoline in the middle of the mall.  Bianca was so sweet to accompany her inside.  It was her piece of heaven for 10 good minutes.

Baguio photos coming soon!

Birthday wishlist

Just stuff I want for my birthday.  Which is today.  So because I really want it, I’m going to make it happen.  Because I own 2012.  Yes.  I just said that.

For a girl who has tons of shoes, I shamefully admit I do not have this fashion staple.  So I must therefore get myself a pair.

I’m still having a hard time looking for this book.  Please show yourself to me?

A floppy hat to prepare for the summer.

Comfy cardigan and soft fluffy big scarf that can permanently reside in my office so I can easily curl up whenever I want to (or rather whenever I am tired).

Red wine.  I can never have enough of red wine.  If you have bottles waiting to be opened at home, I will happily adopt them.

Dinner with my family and Dylan.  We only get to have dinner (just us) when there’s an event.  I know we should be making it more a daily habit, especially now that I am about to look for a place on my own.  Maybe when I’m moved out, we’ll have this more often.

I am yet to get my dose of Dylan — we haven’t really spent much time together since the year started.  But I did have a good dose of Chuchi. :)

She gets goo goo gaga over bread. :)