Birthday wishlist

Just stuff I want for my birthday.  Which is today.  So because I really want it, I’m going to make it happen.  Because I own 2012.  Yes.  I just said that.

For a girl who has tons of shoes, I shamefully admit I do not have this fashion staple.  So I must therefore get myself a pair.

I’m still having a hard time looking for this book.  Please show yourself to me?

A floppy hat to prepare for the summer.

Comfy cardigan and soft fluffy big scarf that can permanently reside in my office so I can easily curl up whenever I want to (or rather whenever I am tired).

Red wine.  I can never have enough of red wine.  If you have bottles waiting to be opened at home, I will happily adopt them.

Dinner with my family and Dylan.  We only get to have dinner (just us) when there’s an event.  I know we should be making it more a daily habit, especially now that I am about to look for a place on my own.  Maybe when I’m moved out, we’ll have this more often.

I am yet to get my dose of Dylan — we haven’t really spent much time together since the year started.  But I did have a good dose of Chuchi. :)

She gets goo goo gaga over bread. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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