To be dressed by Jason Wu

So for this coming year, I aim to be more chic in my office wear.  In the past year, I have been slacking off.  Really.  The fact that I’ve been dormant in Chictopia is already bothersome.  So yeah.

Just as the subject states, I wish to be dressed by Jason Wu.  I think mostly because his styling and clothing are effortlessly chic.  I just love it.

Should I manage to pull a look like this, I am definitely sure I won’t be able to control my swagger.  Hahahah.  Everything with a structured coat is sleek and fashionable.  Pair with the right eyewear, I can be the cool cat. :)

I don’t usually fancy pink, but I’ve always had a soft spot for peplum cuts.  With the pounds I’ve gained, my hips finally had that pretty round figure.  Although the rest of my body needs far more tweaking, emphasizing that area is not a bad thing.  At least in my eyes.

Sheer bow top, sleek pants, peeptoes.  Amazing.  I believe this would make me look soooo pogi.  Hahahaha.

And when I finally lose those MAP pounds, and regain my tiny waist (or gain a really nice curvy one) and lose that muffin top, I believe I will celebrate in this outfit.

Fitter 2012 it is then!  For the sake of Wu. :)


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