The Wedding Part 2: J Franco Digital Films

I promised a dedicated post for our photographer and videographer, so here it is!

Photo/Video:  J Franco Digital Films
Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cost:  💰💰💰
This team made miracles for me, and I can never thank them enough for it.  Really.

One of the downsides with having a long distance engagement is the fact that all your pre-wedding frills are put to a hold until your partner is with you.  Le Mari arrived in the Philippines three weeks before the wedding, and being December, it’s obvious that Fritz and his team are fully booked the entire month.  Want to know when we shot our pre-nuptial photos?  December 26.  Yes, this team woke up probably hung over from Christmas celebrations and marched off to the Joya Residences at Rockwell, Makati to give us an amazing time and well, needless to say, amazing photos.

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They made the most of the entire space.  I swear, this photo set does not even begin to describe how well they captured our coupledom.  They were patient and caring, they helped us ease into the shoot.  Le Mari is very shy, so being in front of the camera is not really his cup of tea.  (When he realized that we’ll be taking so many photos, he started to explore the possibility of not being in so many of them.  Seriously.)  But Fritz was able to put him at ease!  The photos turned out so great.
Wedding Paper Divas Thank You Cards

Come wedding day, they were so early and complete.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere because of them, and my personal favorite would be the female photog, Cha (if I recall her name correctly).  The team was accommodating and on point all the time.

I do regret though not having that many photos of just me and Le Mari.  We did steal away an hour to drink at the nearby Bugsy’s just to relax before the formal reception, so we did steal from them precious time with precious lighting.  Nonetheless, we love the selection and we still owe them the final picks for our album.

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There were some problems with lighting, looking now at the raw pictures.  But Fritz and his wife Mayette are more than reassuring that everything will be properly edited and adjusted to our liking.

I swear, everything that we paid for with this team is absolutely worth it.  Book them.  Seriously.

Oh and did I mention the divine same-day edit video?  If this is already this awesome, I am so excited for the final edit.  I almost wanted to change the song, but I am so happy that Fritz talked me down and that I relinquished control.  This is just perfect.

You must MUST consider them for your next event.  :)

More supplier reviews to come later! ❤️

Engaged? Here’s a top of the line stylized shoot for a cause for you!

I just love how Filipinos think of so many ways to help.

Bride and Breakfast has always been my source of simple joys.  There’s something about the optimism and romanticism of that wedding inspiration website that cheers up a gloomy day.  Imagine my joy when I saw Janna Simpao’s most recent blog:


Here’s what I lifted from the site:

Couples will go in for hair, makeup, and styling. Each photographer is assigned one set design. When the shoot proper starts, couples get to enjoy 15 minutes in each set design, then they move to the next as the buzzer goes off. How fun is that, right?!

For only P8,500 per couple that will go directly to UNICEF’s relief efforts for Yolanda victims, couples get to be stylized, made up and photographed by the country’s most creative and talented photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and more.  And all they have to do is bring a range of clothing from formal to casual!

I don’t know about you, but this shoot marathon is such a cost efficient way to take your prenuptial photos!


  1. Register here:
    • Once the maximum number of slots are reached per schedule (AM/PM), succeeding registrations will be placed on the wait list.
  2. If there is still an available slot for you, you will receive a slot confirmation email. This will contain payment details and other information.
    • Payment options are BPI or BDO deposit, and credit card via PayPal.
    • Once the maximum number of slots are reached, succeeding registrations will be placed on the wait list.
  3. Submit proof of payment (e.g. deposit slip, confirmation email) by November 14, 2013; 11:59pm to secure your slot.
    • All unpaid slots will be given to the next couple on the waitlist.

OHMYGOD!!!!  This sounds so much fun!!!  The shoot will be held on November 20, t the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, McKinley Hill, Taguig City. Time slots are available for two schedules–6:00am to 12:00pm (AM) and 10:00am to 4:00pm (PM).

For the couples joining, please live blog about it! :)

For more details, head on over to Bride and Breakfast.