Back to regular programming?

The flame that drove people to read, criticize, agree and disagree with the letter to CNN seems to have died down a bit. So in a way, I can say my blog can now resume its regular programming.

I don’t mean that as an insult or anything offensive; the latest catastrophe has turned already sensitive peoples to onion skinned (or vice versa, whichever’s worse). The letter will still be there, feel free to still offer up your opinion.

I shall post an update on the recent improvements and dramatics of the same vein within the week. But until then, let me show you why typewritten words are far more romantic than typed words.


Engaged? Here’s a top of the line stylized shoot for a cause for you!

I just love how Filipinos think of so many ways to help.

Bride and Breakfast has always been my source of simple joys.  There’s something about the optimism and romanticism of that wedding inspiration website that cheers up a gloomy day.  Imagine my joy when I saw Janna Simpao’s most recent blog:


Here’s what I lifted from the site:

Couples will go in for hair, makeup, and styling. Each photographer is assigned one set design. When the shoot proper starts, couples get to enjoy 15 minutes in each set design, then they move to the next as the buzzer goes off. How fun is that, right?!

For only P8,500 per couple that will go directly to UNICEF’s relief efforts for Yolanda victims, couples get to be stylized, made up and photographed by the country’s most creative and talented photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and more.  And all they have to do is bring a range of clothing from formal to casual!

I don’t know about you, but this shoot marathon is such a cost efficient way to take your prenuptial photos!


  1. Register here:
    • Once the maximum number of slots are reached per schedule (AM/PM), succeeding registrations will be placed on the wait list.
  2. If there is still an available slot for you, you will receive a slot confirmation email. This will contain payment details and other information.
    • Payment options are BPI or BDO deposit, and credit card via PayPal.
    • Once the maximum number of slots are reached, succeeding registrations will be placed on the wait list.
  3. Submit proof of payment (e.g. deposit slip, confirmation email) by November 14, 2013; 11:59pm to secure your slot.
    • All unpaid slots will be given to the next couple on the waitlist.

OHMYGOD!!!!  This sounds so much fun!!!  The shoot will be held on November 20, t the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, McKinley Hill, Taguig City. Time slots are available for two schedules–6:00am to 12:00pm (AM) and 10:00am to 4:00pm (PM).

For the couples joining, please live blog about it! :)

For more details, head on over to Bride and Breakfast.


I am from the Philippines and I am safe.  But a good portion of our Eastern Visayas region is not.  The bank I work for already reported two deaths, an employee and a retiree, and mostly deceased family members of employees.

I regret not posting sooner on this channel to call for help.  I’ve seen the local news, but it wasn’t until I heard exasperation in Anderson Cooper’s voice did I realize help is taking too long.

I will do my best to constantly update this post for help and information where you can donate.

May God bless us all.

Haiyan (Yolanda) Fact Sheet:

Fact Sheet

Rappler is my favorite local news source as of late.

Relief Rappler



How to Help

Red Cross DSWD

Air 21

One Run

If you have other relief operations, food drives, fund generation and means to give aid to those in need, please let me know so I can post announcements here.  I have a good number of unique hits per day; let’s put that to good use.

Again, thank you and let’s continue to pray for each other.

UPDATE:  If you follow me on Twitter, I was screaming for airdropping relief goods.  Here’s why they won’t do so.  And to tickle your fancy, here’s a very interesting read from Time.

UPDATE 2, 16 November 2013:  This has to be my most favorite kind of donation drive:  DINE FOR A CAUSE! :)  Eat at these restaurants for the weekend and contribute to the continuing rescue of Yolanda victims.

Dine for a Cause