Flashback 2 dance recital

I successfully passed my product training.  We start with our nesting period next week.  My shift sucks, as usual.  Call center shifts are not always favorable.  But nonetheless it’s workable.  I start at 12mn till 9am.  I hope all goes well.  It’s my first time in collections, and I normally hate collectors, but now that I am one of them, I might as well change my opinion somehow.


Dylan was here earlier.  We (us and my folks) went to Daniel’s recital.  It was a blast.  We really had fun.  It was my first time to see my brother perform.  It was funny though, coz the emcee kept on mispronouncing words.  Honestly, I was half stark raving mad.  Unless you are a communications major, you won’t understand my anger.


He introduced his girlfriend to the family.  She looks like Juliana Palermo.  I prolly shot about 23 videos and I will try to upload them to YouTube.  They’re quite a lot and judging the fact that we only have dial-up, it might take ages before it finishes.  I guess I hafto ease it bit by bit.


If ever I won’t be able to hit it with YouTube, you can count on my Multiply account.


Right now, my mother is recalling every single detail of the day I got mugged to my grandmother.  Ugh.  The pain – it’s all coming back to me now.


Dylan said he tried to recall if he ever went to his brother’s affairs.  I felt bad when he said he can’t seem to recall any.  Ever since he moved out, he has missed out on a lot with his family.  A part of me felt a tad guilty about it, because I know I hardly missed any event in my family (and now it seems to me like I am rubbing it in his face), but I know that wasn’t his intention.


My guy has to let air out.  He can only hold his breath for so long.


He asked me if he needs a counselor, prolly to assist him in setting his priorities, the “things to straighten out” part of his life.  But then again, I don’t have a stupid partner.  He already knows what to do.  He’s just taking another deep breath, and to some, deep breaths can be quite a while.


I am now getting a clearer picture of what I want in my life.  There are things that I can never really solve, and I don’t have to bother myself with that.  I think that’s a good thing for me to remember.  It’s a good wake up call so I can now stop beating myself up for every problem in the world I cannot solve.


The lines became finer at this point in our relationship.  I can now say that when I have a family of my own, I will not miss an event in their lives.


My brother rocks!  ;P


Lemme know what you think.

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