Because people can be insecure by THAT much.

Posts have become less frequent, and I think there are about two more people who know where I’ve chosen to air my rants.  To be frank, it wasn’t that comforting at first; after all, this is the "vessel of my frustrations" [excuse the pun, you know I adore you hehe].  But then again, when you come to think of it, it’s a good thing because in a way, I am trusting more people, even though (ironically) this blog is public in the first place.

There’s a pitfall though.  You can’t always trust people and that is one lesson I had to learn the hard way this week.  Or at least the bad part of it.

In an effort to make up for the weak written reports, my group and I ace our presentations for the past three subjects.  Out of the blue, the "entire class" thinks we don’t deserve our grade, since we were graded favorably as "favorites."  I don’t know which is more insulting:  to have an evidently competent instructor be tagged as partial or to be grossly underestimated by a group of people with whom we share a goal.  

I don’t understand where the negativity comes from.  Is it envy?  Why?  Because we can hack it and they can’t?  Since when did we question the validity of the prof’s evaluation of you?  I mean really, give us a break.  First, you say we deserve less, then we show you that we deserve otherwise (if not, more).  Then, you cry in front of our peers to appear as the victim because we chose to celebrate our success.  Wtf.  Where the hell do you get off?  Quoting A, just because we didn’t cry doesn’t mean we’re any less offended.

I hate the part where people assume this training is a competition because it’s not.  The goal is to finish.  Not to finish first or second, but simply to finish.  This is not a ranking program, this is not college.  This is work.  Step back and wipe those unnecessary emissions from your tear ducts just so you can see the big picture:  we are all here because we are all needed.  No one is needed more than the other.  

Now grab a pen and write that on your forehead.  Just so you know, we hate narrow-mindedness.  We despise envy.  On top of everything else, we loathe critics with no merit or credibility.  We barf at the sight of crab mentality.  We reject negativity.  And if you choose to say what you said, don’t be a freaking disgrace by crying over it.  It was your opinion; eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Own up to it.  If there’s something to cry about, it’s the fact that you hurt other people by being to quick to pull the trigger.

It puzzles me as to why anyone would choose to think this way.  But in the end, it all makes sense.  We are all given free will, to speak our mind.  Intellect and tact are learned over the years.  

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