Theme: Photo Sunday

In an effort to make my blog chirpier and happier, I’ve decided to create a theme on a daily basis.  Here’s some wine wishing I can keep this up.  Hahaha.  

We finally found a really good purpose for an empty parking lot.
Subject:  Moks Gonzales
Location:  Metrobank Makati parking lot

I have a habit of scribbling down thoughts that need to be said.  It’s actually pretty healthy.  I recommend this for everyone.

Now, this is a pretty awesome tattoo.
Souce:  FFFFound

This will be my kid’s rocking horse.  Vespa, baby.  I’ll make him/her love Europe.
Source:  FFFFound

If this is the price of being a permanent pedestrian, I don’t mind paying for it.
Source:  FFFFound

I sing in my head:  "I want to taste the salt of your skin.  Oh some kind of oblivion."
Source:  FFFFound

Oh sweet child.  To call being in love agonizing… is a gross understatement.
Source:  FFFFound

I said I wanted to see stars from my bedroom, so he took them all and hung them over my head.
Source:  FFFFound


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