Cassie Revereza – SoFA Graduation at PFW Holiday 2010

Was very privileged to view the first ever graduation show of School of Fashion and The Arts.  Their 2010 graduates showed off whatever it is that they’ve learned and of course, I was there on a more personal note.

Dylan’s sister, Cassie Revereza, presented her first collection inspired by the reflection of pearls.  It was a very delicate collection, figuratively and literally, as its mainly of loungewear and well, delicates.

Photo by Patrick B. Segovia

Photo by Patrick B. Segovia

Photo by Patrick B. Segovia

It was a dream to watch.  Everything was light and flowing, almost like water, only more feminine, gentler.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if this girl would dedicate herself to designing lingerie.

To make matters even better, Cassie Revereza won the SoFA award for Best Fabrication (and by that it means, the best fabric choice).

Photo by Patrick B. Segovia

The first SoFA graduation show was obviously a success, and I have nothing but the best wishes for all the graduates (with one specifically held in much higher esteem than the rest duh).  All in all, it was a great exhibition of harnessed talent at a venue of high esteem.

For more photos on the graduation, click here.

Photo credits goes to Patrick B. Segovia.


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