One foot in front of the other

With the morning having started so freakin’ great (half-sarcastic, half-truth), I decided to unwind by taking a look at Net-A-Porter’s site.  For those of you who doesn’t know, Net-A-Porter is where you can find the latest designer everything.  It’s also quite accessible to anywhere in the world.  Bryanboy even advertises it, so I guess that’s an affirmation of how reachable the products on this site are.

That, and a big fat wad of money…. or a stack of plastic ones.

The sad thing about living in a tropical country is the fact that when you wear boots/booties/any type of footwear that is beyond the ankle, you’ll automatically be dubbed as “feeling American.”  Unless you’re wearing them in the next store launch at the Shang or a fashion show at Sofitel, I highly doubt commuter Pinoys would even appreciate the engineering Alexander McQueen did on the shoe.  And they would scoff at the thought that you technically spent a fortune just by acquiring them (exclusive of shipping and customs taxes).

I love the sudden pop of color, which would explain my sudden attachment to this Jimmy Choo piece.  Though I know I might be condemned for wearing them at noon (risking motorists because of the blinding reflection of the stunning heel), I don’t think I would give a damn.  Then again, with a heel that good, I would be very much apprehensive wearing these while commuting.  Can never rely on the pavements of Manila.  Must learn how to drive to pull this off.

And I have decided to look for an event so exquisite, this pair just had to be worn!  The delicate embellishment on (yet another) Choo’s most feminine sandal yet cries for royal treatment.  Not just clear plastic container individual wrapping treatment.  As in, walk on red carpet, wear for expensive date, luxury car riding, evening event, brightly lit shelving type of treatment.  In short, I have to date Carrie Bradshaw.

Last and certainly not the least, is Fendi’s tulle-embellished sandals.  I can only imagine wearing good fitting dark jeans, loose tops with a light touch of taupe or salmon pink and stacked on everything (accessories) and I would immediately be so princess-like.  Again, not recommended for walking Manila streets, not unless the next MMDA chief makes it his life mission to pave them so smoothly, anyone can roll on it.

So there.  I guess I know now where some of my first million will go to.  Ta ta.  Good night, y’all.

Lemme know what you think.

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