Don’t you miss it all?

A part of me is glad that my partner Dylan is going to need his television set back.  After all, he does need the audio-visual entertainment more by the end of the day.  His job, staring at death in the eye every day, well, that has to cause some big weight around his shoulders.  The television can definitely give him more avenues to relax.  I will miss it though, that’s no lie.  But that leaves me more room to write.  The silence and the peace that will no longer be breached by the loudness of the television can definitely leave a whole lot more elbow room for my thoughts.  My wild, insipid thoughts.

Argue with me on this one.  With technology going faster than man’s comprehension and appreciation for things natural, is it possible for man to miss simplicity?  I look around and each time I would pass by a mobile phone shop, I would check out the latest price of that Blackberry.  I just pass by the newspaper stands and read the headlines and not bother to buy the paper, because I know I can read it off the Internet.  I make appointments via text and cancel appointments via text.  I’ve concluded meetings and meet-ups without really having to meet the person.  Some and I mean I have not experienced this yet, have started and ended relationships without physical contact.

Do you miss the time when you have to wake up at the sound of the rooster?  Okay that’s too provincial.  Do you miss the time when you are awakened by the sound of the magtataho?  You blot from your bed and run to your purse (or, if you’re nine, run to your parents) and frantically call out the vendor so he can stop in front of your house.  Do you miss the tallest glass in your dishwasher that you always use for the taho, even if it costs more than the plastic cup measurements of the vendor?

Do you miss the time when you don’t want to be late because you can’t be?  It’s not the same anymore.  I believe text messaging is the one to blame.  We have become more comfortable to be late or “not make it in time” because we can easily text and advice the other party that we’re “stuck in traffic” or “hit a bump in the road” (even though most of the time, those texts were sent right after you just got out of the shower).

Do you miss the time when you don’t have to pay for good coffee?  The morning household brew used to be enough to perk you up in the morning.  Now, you’d rather line up and pay for the world’s most complicated coffee:  venti mocha latte 2% with a splash of hazelnut syrup.  And even answer whether it’s to go or for here.

Don’t you miss late night phone calls?  When was the last time you used your home phone, apart from having something delivered?  Don’t you miss talking to your friends the entire day, at the same time, eagerly anticipating going home and getting a call from them to talk some more?

But I think I’m only saying these things because I’m supposed to.  At the time, I hated paying an extra P20 just to be updated with the news.  It was such a task to wake up early and make breakfast, and such a relief knowing you can go in a store and get it in five minutes.  I can talk faster, multitask better, and never be guilty for being late because I can now give an advanced notice.  I think I miss being simple because I’m supposed to.

We all want things to change, but once they do, we wonder why things can’t go back to the way they were.  It’s the age-old (or the new age) question:  are today’s innovations much more beneficial than yesterday’s discoveries?

I think I’ve had too little television.  Now, I’m off to YouTube.


Lemme know what you think.

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