I heart shorts

For the past week, PNoy has reprimanded PAG-ASA for not giving the right forecast for the weather.  I can’t really blame him.  He said what everyone has been saying for years:  Parati na lang ganito.  Nonetheless, grace has to be maintained.  Although the winds were scarily wild, we all went to work that day, and even took a quiz at the end of the day.  Nice.  Not.

Because I wasn’t able to go to the beach, I suddenly have this longing for shorts.  All kinds.  Drawstring, high-waist, denim, cut-offs, ruched.  All kinds.  It really felt like summer just flew by my nose.  Wasn’t even able to get wet.  Then, I just can’t stop looking at shorts.

I’ve only just begun appreciating the flexibility of shorts.  Throw on a blazer and already you’re a rock star.

Go all neutral and adopt shades of taupe and beige, wear a chiffon top, cinch that waist, and voila.  You’re ready for a coffee date.

Another good thing about shorts is how easily you can create a contrast and a play of colors.  Take a look at this blue-white-red ensemble.  You can go anywhere in this.  Well, prolly not at the opera, but you know what I mean.

And here are some more styles you will definitely fall in love with.  Nothing accentuates legs more than shorts. :)

Oh crap.  Now, I have to shop. :)


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