It was a shoe day!

It is quite seldom that I get to go with my mom in the mall and actually love waiting on her.  Hahaha.  I believe as we grow older, we become more impatient, even with the people who have relentlessly been patient with us.  So yesterday, we had an early mall day in hopes of getting gifts for the NJ peeps.

I haven’t been there for so long!  I actually don’t remember the last time I’ve been to SM Southmall.  It’s currently undergoing renovations and the center kind of reminds me of 168 in Divisoria. :)  Hahahaha.  But the department store?  It’s slowly taking the shape and form of the one in Makati.  Henry Sy should be proud of his renovating team.  They’re doing a pretty good job.

They call this area the Food Street. New restos with fusion menus. I wonder when I can get to eat here.

I found Allan the Frog! Hahahaha. Awww dear, you know it comes from a really good place. :)

And this is the entrance of the new department store. Bright and shiny, yeah?

And the shoe extravaganza began.

Like I said in my previous post, SM has upped their taste level when it comes to their department store items.  By that, I mean even their shoes.  Since the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy (international name:  Ketsana), the shoe capital of the Philippines, Marikina, suffered the worst end of the flood.  Submerging half of the shoe factories stationed there and even some of the Imeldific collections, the city needed a complete overhaul.  And Henry Sy came to the rescue.

Almost immediately after the disaster, the Philippine Fashion Week committee used Parisian shoes, an SM brand and all made in Marikina, for their shows.  It took me this long to get around the new Parisian brand, and because another fashion show just passed, there are a lot more to look forward to. :)

Most of what SM exhibited during the PFW are booties, which explains the A/W collection, so I managed to look around for pumps and caged heels.  My mom was elated.  And I was happy.

Just some of the new ones in stock. Well, they're not so new, but because I haven't been here in a while, they look new to me.

I love these pumps! It's pinkish white, with pink insides. The only kind of pink that I link? Conceal-able.

I tend to gravitate towards studs because studs make me feel like a rockstar.

Ruffles=love for me, but if I can have these ruffles bigger, that would be great. Kthxbye.

Platform heel! It's been a while since I last fell for sandals and I knew I'd fall for something that speaks chunk, spunk and heel.

My mom didn’t know what to pick first so we went these:

Then she looked like this:

But because her feet are some form of freak of nature — she has size 4.5 feet — it didn’t fit her as comfortably as it should.  So she said it was my turn to be happy and giddy with shoes.

Like I said, studs=love. I didn't buy these though, but now that I am looking at it for the nth time, I'm beginning to regret my decision. I am now seriously thinking of going back and getting it.

Woohoo! Caged heels! Naturally, I was too shy to tell my mom to get these for me, so I'm just reserving these for my next paycheck. :)

Told you I like soft pinks. And these are very comfortable actually, when I tried them on. Another future purchase.

I love these skirted flats. :) They're suede though so I better remind myself to not wear them when it's damp out.

My mom ended up purchasing this pair from Gibi.  She totally defeated my appeal to support Marikina.

Yup. Another brown strappy shoe for her. Hahahaha.

But then again if she’s this happy, how can I complain?

Sarap ng ngiti ng Nanay na to. Hahahaha.

And after all the shoes and the pasalubong for the NJ crew and my share for Cyndle’s bilins, we ended up with this bill.

So there.  Hahahaa.  They really do got it all for you!  :)


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