Rainbow after the rain

Everyone has been talking so much crap about yesterday’s hostage-drama at the Quirino Grandstand.  I believe if I share my thoughts on this matter, it would have satiated the minds of the many of you who have read different versions of the story, rumors and fact, and my opinion will be merely just an opinion, not an affirmative action to improve whatever.

But because I have a big mouth, I do have one thought to share (and I have shared this with others already):  I hope someday our government can make this country safe enough for my children to never have to live elsewhere.  There.  I said my piece.

In light of all the drama, we receive good news.  After an 11-year drought, we finally placed again in the Miss Universe Pageant!  Yes I know it’s such a “shallow” thing to celebrate, but the last time we won was Miriam Quiambao in 1999, first runner up and that’s because she fell flat on her face and became so effortlessly graceful.  It’s a no-brainer.

Now that's Filipina beauty.

This year, Venus Raj swept the hearts of many.  In online polls, she would always be part of the favorites.  Hello?  Why the hell not?  This woman literally fought her way to represent the country for such a title.  She showed the world that what the Filipina wants, the Filipina gets (one way or the other — and by the other, I mean something still within the realm of being morally acceptable and just).

Anyway, I thank my good friend Pau Forbes for sharing this link.  These are a bunch of Venus Raj fans watching the pageant via live telecast.

And as someone great and important and had the right words said:  “Mourn the losses, because they are many; but celebrate the victories, because they are few.”

So you see, one person can change your mind about a country.  And it need not be the one with the gun.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow after the rain

  1. There is Sooo MuCh questions i want to ask… How the HeLL did you line up those photos looks like you just slapped it there one by one… and i don’t know how to o_o and that side bar is just mind blowing :) i don’t even know which ones to use LOL~ <3

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