A funny day at Rodic’s

I introduced Dylan to Rodic’s.  For those who studied at UP, this eatery is a staple. :)  It serves what I believe is the best tapa I’ve ever tasted (or at least, those quickie made ones).  So when Dylan picked me up for breakfast one time, I decided to take him to a Rodic’s branch at the end of Maginhawa.

We formed a habit of drinking Berocca for breakfast (in hopes of creating a stronger immune system).

After having their usual tapsilog (of course, it’s the usual for me since I’ve been having it for almost a year now), Dylan ended up looking like this.

That's one happy face right there. :)

Then we noticed something on the menu.  And we had a hard time stifling our laughter.  We didn’t want to be rude; it was barely 10 in the morning!

I'm sure you'll spot it, just look closer. XD

Ah, it’s the simple joys of life that never fail to make a day better. :)

Thank you for a memorable breakfast.


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