The day I renewed my NBI Clearance

I made sure I got up early because I needed to pass by my college for my transcript.  Then I sped to Megamall for my NBI clearance renewal.

That satellite office processes faster than the head office, at least that’s how I remembered it.  When Dylan and I had his clearance renewed, it only took at most an hour.  Mine took five.  Five long painful hours.

The NBI satellite office is located at the lower ground floor, Mega Building B, near Luk Yuen restaurant.  The line extended up to the stairs.  Then it went up to the fifth level.  And the line was still long, so from the fifth level, the line stretched descending the stairs from across the hall.

The mall doors opened at 10 in the morning and I was there by 10:05.  I fell in line…. at the lower ground floor…. from the stairs across the hall.

This is the view from the fourth level of the second set of stairs.

Then the line would extend across the hall at the fifth floor.

This is the view from the fifth floor at the original set of stairs. Time to go down. This is hour 3.

Third level. This is hour four.

SM Food Court ad. Quite funny coz the people's table had water/wine goblets. Obviously, they're not dining at SM Food Court.

So to ease the pain from my legs, I decided to comfort myself with Krispy Kreme.  I dragged my mother along with me but she was thinking of something else.

We still bought Krispy Kreme, but she definitely preferred BreadTalk. Hahaha.

I was really trying to enjoy my doughnut break....

... if I wasn't so disturbed by this rude person. He's occupying the best seats in the house and HE DID NOT EVEN ORDER ANYTHING.

I hate this kind of assholes.

Let’s end with a happy note.

One dozen glazed goodness. :)


2 thoughts on “The day I renewed my NBI Clearance

  1. You should’ve told him off :) told on him to the manager :) so the manager could have said “excuse me sir this seat is for customers only, thank you” hahaha~ or you could’ve told him off yourself :) hahaha~

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