Hair, there, everywhere!

After the day’s pictorial (yes, there was one at work, just from an ID picture), I started to miss my hair.  I’ve been shifting lengths year after year, and this year, I believe I dislike the fact that my hair is starting to grow slower than it used to.

Here’s a look at my hair through the years.  I know it’s not that interesting, but I really miss my hair.  I wonder which of these styles you think fit me best.

If I'm not mistaken, this was... 2002.

This was at the tail end of my college years, 2003.



Late 2008

Late 2009

About two months ago

Of course by now it has created its own volume, mainly focused around my cheeks.

Dear God.  Please make my hair grow fast again.  Right now, it’s awkward and not-so-pretty.  I promise I won’t curl it.  Thank you.


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