The crazy that was MOA

The SM Mall of Asia went on a crazy sale over the weekend, with items up to 70% off.  That’s MALL WIDE SALE.  That’s 42 hectares of land, 390,193 sq m of sale goodness, right smack in the end of the longest metropolitan freeway in the country, with an effin’ big globe shining in the middle flashing a bright red arrow yelling SALE!

We managed to drag my father to come with us.  He kind of disapproved how ‘disheveled’ I looked.  He said, I look like I’m lounging around the house.  But do you really have to dress up so much just to go to the mall?  I wore really pretty earrings.

No make up

I love my earrings!

I love my mom for always wanting to shop.  And we even played around in the dressing room.

My mom exhaling

My mom inhaling. She insists she looks better here.

Cannot wait for more sales.  I just love shopping with a budget.  Hahahah!  Toodles!

The crowd at MOA

The crowd at MOA


One thought on “The crazy that was MOA

  1. Wow that’s a lot o.o of people~ I miss you!!!! hi mo nalang ako kay tita hee hee~ i like your earings hehehe~ and it’s always nice to go to the mall all dressed up all spiffy! haha~

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