If the world were 100

Most infographics that I post are about fitness as I constantly struggle to make running a regular thing for me.

But I chanced upon this infographic on Pinterest and I knew I can’t unnotice it.

Inhale, then spread the knowledge.
20130815-130407.jpg Now doesn’t that give you a strong urge to be more grateful and make a bigger impact to the world?


Choked up

Forgive my Harry Potter madness.  It has been over a decade and I never really thought the goodbye would be so emotional.  I keep looking for Harry Potter quotes, images, how these young actors grew right before our eyes, how I became so attached to the book, the character, the story.

I just now it’ll take another lifetime to have something like this again.  Our generation is so lucky to have witnessed something as magnificent as the magic of Harry Potter.  And Jo Rowling is an amazing writer.  And she made us all young again.

And it’s so hard to say goodbye.

I am both eager to watch the last installment and hesitant to walk in the movie house knowing that it is the last Harry Potter flick I’ll ever see.

Oh, be still my heart.

I am a bawling mess.

I logged in last night on Facebook and saw this clip from a cousin:

I am such a mess.  I just couldn’t stop crying the entire time I was watching the clip.  (Actually, I’m still crying as I am reposting it now.)  I wonder everyday since the end was announced if there will ever be another book like this.  Another book this magnificent and amazing and enchanting.  I wonder if there’ll be another character in the future that my kids will turn to when they’re lonely or lacking in imagination.  A character from the pages given by the wisdom and imaginings of one inspired person that will tell my kids to dream big, to believe in the impossible, to find the magic in them.

These are the books that will last generations.  I cannot wait to read them again before I watch the last 135 minutes of this wonderful journey.

I am so happy and grateful and blessed to be part of the generation that started reading again.  Thank you, J K Rowling, for the books that brought us back to our bookstores and libraries, and reunited us with youthful fantasies that we thought we lost.

The plan if in case Kate runs

So I read some interesting news the other day.  What if dear Catherine decides to run away from dear Wills?

According to The Register, the Royal Family did not leave out any possible show stopper, including a runaway bride.  The top secret emergency plan included the following:

  • A good chase down the altar
  • Top secret cab pulling out of nowhere
  • Helicopter
  • A fair amount of pleading
  • Some good press

I know right!  They just think of everything.  To read everything about Operation Pumpkin (notice the Cinderella reference there?  As in running away when midnight struck.  How lyrical!), click here.

And for the rest of us that thoroughly enjoyed what could be the wedding of the century (and the strong hint of a modernized monarchy), let us all oggle in these photos.

It’s so fairytale, it makes me siiiiick.  Hahahahaha.  But really, I don’t think you see a gushing prince and commoner everyday yeah?

Now, the Vatican is for condoms

I know I’m quite late to comment on this (not that I’m required), and I’m late already because it was a big buzz this Tuesday and I’m only saying it now, but it’s such a HAH! moment that I just need to have it here.

So last Tuesday (dubbed by my good friend Punky CHOS-day [and if you’re not Filipino, I HIGHLY DOUBT you’ll get it]), the Vatican confirmed its stand on condoms:  THEY ARE FOR IT.

From what I’ve read in this New York Times article, Pope Benedict XVI finally acknowledged the fact that condoms play a big role in the prevention of AIDS, the number one killer in Africa today (I think).  To quote, he said it could be “the first step of responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk to the life of the person with whom there are relations.  Whether it is a man a woman or a transsexual.”


Of course, they still see the condom as a way to prevent conception, but he did say that if it prevents the disease killing more and more people every year, then the issue on condoms as a form of birth control takes a back seat to explicitly passing on a fatal disease.

And this shakes up the Catholic church big time.  I mean, their stand on contraceptives is strong, take for example here in the Philippines.  We can’t even review the Reproductive Health Bill without the fear of being excommunicated by the CHURCH!  Jeez.  I think that’s why it created such a big buzz on clerics:  it’s the complete opposite of what they’ve been advocating for the past decades.

Finally, Africa and other medical leaders have someone big backing their campaign for condoms.  It’s high time, and I’m pretty impressed with the Pope for having the balls to admit that (no pun intended).  It’s about time the man of the house speaks the truth.

And just in case it is not obvious, I am for the House Bill No. 96, the Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010.  We all know Filipinos are happy people.  It’s time to make them well-informed happy people.
Update:  I am Pro-RH Bill.