The plan if in case Kate runs

So I read some interesting news the other day.  What if dear Catherine decides to run away from dear Wills?

According to The Register, the Royal Family did not leave out any possible show stopper, including a runaway bride.  The top secret emergency plan included the following:

  • A good chase down the altar
  • Top secret cab pulling out of nowhere
  • Helicopter
  • A fair amount of pleading
  • Some good press

I know right!  They just think of everything.  To read everything about Operation Pumpkin (notice the Cinderella reference there?  As in running away when midnight struck.  How lyrical!), click here.

And for the rest of us that thoroughly enjoyed what could be the wedding of the century (and the strong hint of a modernized monarchy), let us all oggle in these photos.

It’s so fairytale, it makes me siiiiick.  Hahahahaha.  But really, I don’t think you see a gushing prince and commoner everyday yeah?


Lemme know what you think.

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