Now, the Vatican is for condoms

I know I’m quite late to comment on this (not that I’m required), and I’m late already because it was a big buzz this Tuesday and I’m only saying it now, but it’s such a HAH! moment that I just need to have it here.

So last Tuesday (dubbed by my good friend Punky CHOS-day [and if you’re not Filipino, I HIGHLY DOUBT you’ll get it]), the Vatican confirmed its stand on condoms:  THEY ARE FOR IT.

From what I’ve read in this New York Times article, Pope Benedict XVI finally acknowledged the fact that condoms play a big role in the prevention of AIDS, the number one killer in Africa today (I think).  To quote, he said it could be “the first step of responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk to the life of the person with whom there are relations.  Whether it is a man a woman or a transsexual.”


Of course, they still see the condom as a way to prevent conception, but he did say that if it prevents the disease killing more and more people every year, then the issue on condoms as a form of birth control takes a back seat to explicitly passing on a fatal disease.

And this shakes up the Catholic church big time.  I mean, their stand on contraceptives is strong, take for example here in the Philippines.  We can’t even review the Reproductive Health Bill without the fear of being excommunicated by the CHURCH!  Jeez.  I think that’s why it created such a big buzz on clerics:  it’s the complete opposite of what they’ve been advocating for the past decades.

Finally, Africa and other medical leaders have someone big backing their campaign for condoms.  It’s high time, and I’m pretty impressed with the Pope for having the balls to admit that (no pun intended).  It’s about time the man of the house speaks the truth.

And just in case it is not obvious, I am for the House Bill No. 96, the Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010.  We all know Filipinos are happy people.  It’s time to make them well-informed happy people.
Update:  I am Pro-RH Bill.


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