Willing Willie is Wowowee on TV5

(Side note:  I could resize that second logo to the smallest size possible and  still remain legible to the naked eye.  Compensating for something much eh?)

Finally, they said it.

It’s no surprise really.  It’s bound to happen.  Willie Revillame left ABS-CBN and left with a closing statement, saying that he’s putting up his own production company to produce his own show.  That should be a hint right there.

Basically, Willing Willie (TV5) is Wowowee.  I’ve watched it (yes, I know, I’m disgusting, echos, chaka, jologs, jejemon, yadayadayada) when I was left with no choice (bus ride home) and as a former reviewer of noontime shows, THERE WAS NOTHING NEW IN IT!

What a rip off.  So, I applaud ABS-CBN’s copyright infringement case against everyone involved.  Hah!  In yo fes.

This is what Willing Willie copied from Wowowee:

(1) Willing Willie’s opening song and/or dance number led by its host;

(2) Wowowee‘s “Biga-Ten” versus Willing Willie’s “Big Time Ka”;

(3) Wowowee’s “Willie of Fortune” versus Willing Willie’s “Willtime Bigtime,” which contains portions where the contestants tell their personal stories and showcase their talents before they sing or play a trivia game;

(4) the dancers/characters of Wowowee are also appearing in Willing Willie, most notable of whom is April “Congratulations” Gustilo; and

(5) the set design, stage, studio viewers’ seats lay-out, lighting and camera angles of Willing Willie are also strikingly similar to Wowowee.

And that’s basically EVERYTHING.

I’m quite excited to see how this turns out.  I wish I can say I feel for the poor, and how Willie was apparently scolded too much that he resorted to LOAs and in the end, rescinding the contract, but I just can’t.  Wowowee, even if it was hosted and “alaga” by Willie, is still ABS-CBN’s creative team’s brainchild.

And mama hates it when you steal her brain…. child.

Got the news from PEP.


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