I love my new shoes!

Yup.  That’s basically the reason why I blogged. :)  I renewed my love for shoes by purchasing a pair with my own cold hard tax-deducted cash!  Hahahaha.

The best part of it is the fact that Dylan loved it on me. :)  You gotta love a man who loves a woman in her heels. :)

And I’m off.  That’s basically it.  A tribute to my new pair.  Imagine what October would look like.  *hint hint*


One thought on “I love my new shoes!

  1. I LOVE THE SHOES!!! I actually want one of those!!!!! I saw it in covert affairs I was like OOooohh i want one :o!!! Hahaha~

    I was playing sims coz i’m ubber bored and i can’t controll my life so i create two sims to controll their lives Lol~ weird right hahahaha~

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