Pampered Xpertly

I know I’ve been MIA for a week now, but it’s quite unavoidable.  After office assumption, a lot of work was waiting for us and the past week was all about catching up with it.  It’s happy work, that I am sure of. :)

There was a lot of work that resulted in a lot of stress.  I won’t even try to deny the fact that I was not friendly; I get like that when I get tired and don’t get food.  I am actually close to thinking I am hypoglycemic.  I needed to have a quick fix.  So I went out to BF Homes in Las Piñas to get some pampering done.

NailXperts Spa is the latest addition to the posh JEE Complex.  I personally love this spa because of its colors. :)  I know that’s kind of shallow, but the way you design your interiors completely sets the client’s expectations of how s/he will be pampered.  And I knew right away I’m going to have the lavender infused foot spa and pedicure.

I love the lighting in this place. Enhances the perfect color of my skin. VAIN. Hahahaha.

Vinci was getting the hand spa + manicure combo. I don't know if he got lavender or mint or the other one. Strawberry I think?

I personally love the personalized scrub, lotion, and the personalized experience.  This branch just opened and they were serving wine!  Ha!

The NailXperts Spa Line.

And of course, their Orly nail care package. :)

Moks Gonzales, the franchisee, was there, very hands on and asking everyone if they want wine.  Hahahaha.  Soon, I was joined by good friends, Ranna, Anj and Allan.

Anj and Allan both got massages. I am going for that next.

Ranna got the Bella Vie package: foot spa, pedicure, manicure. :) And she got the mint. :)

I am very impressed with the interiors of the  spa.  For a moderate space, it was designed with these simple round touches.  It was very minimalist, but each step was designed with a particular thought in mind.

See those vases at the corner? Porcelain white. Love.

The light leads you to the love that is massage.

I wanted to shove these in my bag, if only I didn't have a conscience.

And his mother was there too!  I know this post is starting to sound incomprehensible, but it just amazes me how this spa managed to have everything, including family!

I am so loving the eggplant scheme: rich purple with a kick of green.

NailXperts Spa is also offering massages.  I mean, who wouldn’t be enticed to lay there and just have the stress rubbed out of you?

The massage room. :)

Lovely touches like this make you just want to jump on the table and say GIMME A RUBDOWN WOMAN! Hahahahaha.

I am yet to try their  Depileve waxing treatments.  According to Moks, it’s a warm waxing process that has a whitening effect on the skin.  To be honest, I am a fan of cold wax, but this spa looked so adorable and enticing to the eye, I can’t wait for the rest of my body to experience it.

Oh and they use Orly.  :)  It’s probably the only nail polish that lasts for almost three weeks… WITHOUT CHIPPING.  For real!  Base coat, two layers of color and a top coat after, I am satisfied.  Its colors are so vibrant, it almost looked acrylic.

I got midnight blue. :) The second one from the left. :)

So this being so close to my home, I can definitely see myself as a regular here.  Don’t forget to ask the receptionist for their spa packages.  Their bundles are so much more affordable than the individual services. :)

Moks said he's often manning the reception in the weekends. If there's someone who's more particular on how you should be treated, it's Moks. Visit on a weekend and have him escort you through everything you want to get done. He has the best suggestions for you. :)

NailXperts Spa is located at the JEE Complex found along Gloria Diaz Street in BF Homes, Las Piñas.  If you need instructions to get there, do not hesitate to leave me a message.

Go now and be xpertly pampered! :)


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