The kings and queens of Promise

Like I said the other day, Dylan and I grabbed some Cheetos and watched The Legend of the Guardians at the SM Mall of Asia 3D theatre.  Like promised, here’s my take on the film.

When I first saw the trailer, I was immediately interested, mainly because the owls reminded me of Harry Potter’s snow white owl, Hedwig.  It’s quite unusual really, when you come to think about it.  Looking back on your childhood, did you really imagine that owls can be so fierce (and by fierce, I mean warrior fierce, not diva fierce)? 

Anyway, the film is visually SPECTACULAR.  I am going to be brave and say that it can rival Avatar when it comes to landscapes and settings and movement and detail.  It was so amazing.  And funny, because when we watched it, there was a kid in front of us that kept raising his hand, probably trying to touch the characters.  But his mean dad kept scolding him.  Note to self:  hate that kid’s dad.

However, the movie in general is just an average movie.  I think one of the main mistakes they made was having the same animal.  It’s a movie for kids, and unfortunately, kids have a hard time distinguishing personalities when they look alike.  That’s the reason why Lion King was of epic proportions; mention a character name and you’d know right away how it looks like and (better) what kidn of animal it was.

I am not discounting the fact that the story wasn’t rich with characters because it was.  Soren is the dreamer, the evident protagonist.  Eglantine is the youngest sister, the one that idolises Soren.  And if you have three kids there, there’s bound to be one that is envious and spiteful… hence, the existence of Kludd.

It’s the tragic story of Mudblood and Pure Blood.  Of course, it was narrated by the most animated narrator I’ve ever heard.  Just so you know, it’s an all-British cast, so when you bring your kid to the movie, be prepared to answer the question “Ano daw? (What did s/he say?)” 

I enjoyed the movie very much.  To be frank, even if the story didn’t blow to large proportions like the visuals did, it was still a very enjoyable family movie.  Guaranteed, you’ll fall in love with the female owls, go gaga over Eglantine, and just be awestruck when you see the perfect combination of flight and water.

And when your jaw drops because of the amazing theatrics, please give me a call. :)

Score:  3.5/5


4 thoughts on “The kings and queens of Promise

  1. I watched it.. OnLiNe… I thought it would be kids movie so i didn’t bother to pay :D hehe I’M BaaaaaD~ but yeah :) it was okay :) It was the cliche plot of Good Vs Evil~ Have you watched “Easy A”?? you should it’s Funny and entertaining :)

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