Question of the week

What is your favorite song of all time?

I think that’s a pretty difficult question, being a fan of so many artists.  I think most of my friends would no even know the asnwer to this.  Most of them would complain that I have too many weird tastes so I guess it’s better for me to have a permanent playlist in mind.

I love European pop and rock, and a lot of indie artists.  I feel like I’m doing some sense of injustice each time I don’t defend the quality and the depth of their lyrics because in all honesty, most of their words sink to the very core.  People just fail to acknowledge it, probably because they’ve gotten so used to the pop sound and the bandwagon that they just automatically reject whatever it is that’s new to their ear.  Or maybe that’s just me being judgmentsl.

However, I do have a list of my favorite lyrics.  Once revealed, everyone would know the romantic that I am.  What the hell, it’s bound to show anyway.

  • Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs):  Wait / They don’t love you like I love you
  •  Shiver (Coldplay):  So I looked at your direction / But you paid me no attention
  • The Scientist (Coldplay):  Oh take me back to the start
  • With or Without You (U2):  She left me with / Nothing to win / And nothing left to lose
  • Northern Downpour (Panic at The Disco):  Hey moon / Please forget to fall down
  • That I Would Be Good (Alanis Morissette):  That I would be good / Even if I lost sanity
  • Congratulations (Blue October):  My words, they don’t come out right / But I’m trying to say I’m happy for you

And of course, I have to cite something from John Mayer:

Should have smiled in that picture / If that’s the last that I’ll see of you

 So far, that’s it.  I know I’m eventually adding more to this list so expect me to answer this question again.  :)


Lemme know what you think.

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