Money matters.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  (Anna Lappe)

This quote welcomed me when I was reading Reader’s Digest edition centered on investing and making the most out of your money.  Quite a disturbing quote for me, but somehow it does right true, at least to a particular extent.

I looked back at how I spent my last paycheck.  Not counting the amount I saved, I took a look at my recent purchases.  A Liz Claiborne wallet.  A bucket bag.  A pair of shoes.  Hmmmm.  I think I’m envisioning my world to be in constant need of these things.  Hahahaha.

I’d like to think that I am aiming for a world of fashion, but it’s not what’s needed.  I look at some of my friends and (modesty aside) feel blessed.  This is not saying that my paycheck rules over everyone else’s — that privilege remains with Bill Gates and J. K. Rowling (I’d say Oprah but I like her more than her).  But given how I first started, I am quite blessed.

Doesn’t it make you think though?  What is the kind of world that you want?  I mean, we all know the kind of world that we need — the one with clean air and water, free healthcare and quality education, good governance and bountiful trade activities, but does it reflect the way we invest our money?

I bought like 6 or 8 books in the last quarter, so maybe that’s my attempt in making education part of the world I want.  But when will that happen?  When will your personal wants for something as big as the world outweigh its needs?  Some might say there will only be room for wants when the needs are fulfilled.  So does that mean I have to wait for a really long time before my investment churns out profit?  And I guess it’s sad because it’s quite seldom for the wants to be the same as the needs.  Will it take a miracle before that happens?

Money matters, that’s for sure.  But right now, this talk is too much for an after lunch effect.  Nuninuninu…


One thought on “Money matters.

  1. judging from my recent purchases of airline tickets and clothes, i guess the world i want is a borderless kind where humans dress to the nines. ;)

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