It’s always the random things that catch your attention

As you can read from the title, this is one random post.

A lot of people (people I know to be more specific) are getting married.  There are days when it feels like I’m lagging, that there is something seriously wrong with me given that I am not feeling the need to settle or procreate, but when I see the joy in their eyes after their I dos, it kind of made sense.  They got married because it was their time.  And just because it’s their time doesn’t necessarily mean it’s mine as well.  So to all newlyweds, to the best of your years together. :)

Jim Paredes said on Twitter that you should do something you’re passionate about, and then cross your fingers and hope it pays for the rent.  Should this principle be too hard to apply, here’s a pretty good “thought process” for you to go through.

And to cap off all the randomness, here’s some ScarJo hotness for you to enjoy.


Lemme know what you think.

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