Productivity measure

I don’t think everyone knows the complexity and the simplicity of the project I am assigned to do.  It’s almost funny because I am beginning to think that the only people who understands what I do are the people I work with.  One time, I tried to explain it to Dylan.  He just…. went in a daze.  Hahaha!  I can’t blame him though.  That happened to me too when I was first introduced to this project.  So yeah there.

Don’t you just hate the days when you just keep writing and writing and explaining, word after word, define, redefine, reprogram, collaborate, articulate, blah blah blah, the entire day?  I find those days commiting me to an almost irrevokable state of ennui.  Unfortunately, being a new project, it’s filled with these days.  So I always do my best to add some color – literally and figuratively – to whatever it is that I’m doing.

Today…. I managed to create a newsletter for our department.  For some reason, it felt so productive!   Hahahaha.  I think it’s mostly because I completely and utterly miss my roots.  I don’t remember the last time I’ve written something (except maybe for this blog) or even tried to fix a layout or come up with a mock up for approval.  So finishing all these in just a few hours is so empowering.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost my touch yet. 

I wish I can share the work I did here (because I am so effin’ proud of it, it’s nauseating), but the silence of office principle just straps me down.  (For those who can’t believe it, yes, I can keep secrets now.  I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see this day, but apparently, it’s otherwise.)  Anyway, something big is coming up and my butt is just so excited for the Bank. 

Now join me in prayer as I drift back to my documents of ennui.  Pray that I don’t run out of words.  Pray that I get to finish this today so I am still on track.

Kthxbye. :)


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