Dead Letter 1

I used to be part of a LiveJournal blog group called Dead Letters, where bloggers write letters that they cannot and will not send to the recipient.  These letters are considered dead because they never reach the recipient.  Just thought I’d take a load off my mind for this one.

I think you forgot that you are good.  That’s the problem sometimes.  People forget too easily.  And I think you are one of the smartest people still.  But you know what’s wrong with you?  You’re lazy.

You are one lazy ass.  You’re so lazy, the word lazy would be insulted that I dared to attach itself to your name.  You’re lazy and ungrateful.  You have no idea what your mother is going through.  You are lazy and ungrateful and selfish.  You only think the world is unfair to you but you never seem to consider the fact that you’re being unfair to the world.

You can’t even say that poverty is a factor why you’re so demotivated.  There are generations that lived and succeeded in spite of poverty.  Parents were able to put their kids through college by working menial jobs.  And I mean menial.  Jobs that are so simple, people would rather pay them than do it themselves.  But you never seem to recognize that.

I almost want to think you should be ashamed because you belong to a family of survivors.  Fire, almost bankruptcy, bankruptcy, unemployment, debt — you belong to a family who never failed to make ends meet, in every way they know how, without compromising principles and beliefs.  You don’t value your place in this world, and worse, you have a sense of entitlement, as if you deserve better.

Here’s what I’m saying:  a lazy ungrateful selfish ass like yours should be in a much worse position than where you are now.  Because the world has had enough of lazy ungrateful people.  And if this is the contribution you’re giving to a fantastic family of survivors, this laziness, this kind of treatment and self-centeredness, well… I can say your family deserves better.


Lemme know what you think.

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